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  • Untitled 627 - Chul Hyun Ahn
  • Drip - Blue - Chul Hyun Ahn
  • Untitled 617 - Chul Hyun Ahn

C. Grimaldis Gallery

523 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21201
United States

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Website : http://cgrimaldisgallery.com

Exhibitor's Artists:

  • Chul Hyun Ahn
    Detailed Description : As a second-generation light artist, Chul Hyun Ahn marks an important step in the development of the medium's critical discourse. Ahn's sculptures explore the limitations of optics and space in a methodical manner similar to a scientist who systematically tests one hypothesis after another. Ahn's sculpture are simulations of alternate dimensions in which to experience humanity's artificially constrained yet truly boundless ability for intellectual and spiritual travel.
    Chul Hyun Ahn - Untitled 617
    Untitled 617
    Chul Hyun Ahn - Drip - Blue
    Drip - Blue
    Chul Hyun Ahn - Untitled 627
    Untitled 627

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Dovrat Amsily-Barak

  • Markus Baldegger

  • Anthony Caro
    Biography : British Exhibition : British

  • Madeleine Dietz

  • Grace Hartigan (Estate)

  • Jon Isherwood

  • Dimitra Lazaridou

  • Eugene Leake (Estate)

  • Sunmi Lee

  • Jane Manus

    Also represented by:
    Contessa Gallery, Sponder Gallery,
  • Ben Marcin
    Biography : I was born in Augsburg, Germany. My mother is German, my father was Polish. I have lived permanently in the United States since I was ten and in Baltimore, Maryland since 1978. I started late, buying my first camera at Sears when I was twenty-seven. I am self-taught and photograph mostly the places where people live and interface - directly or indirectly - with nature. My work has been shown at a number of national galleries and venues including the Delaware Museum of Art; The Center For Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, CO; Maryland Institute College of Art’s Middendorf and Meyerhoff Galleries; and the former Gomez Gallery in Baltimore. Exhibition : SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2003 Villa Julie College Gallery, Stevenson, MD 2002 World Trade Center, Baltimore, MD 1997 Chesapeake Gallery, Harford CC, Belair, MD Montpelier Cultural Center, Laurel MD 1996 Maryland Hall For the Creative Arts, Annapolis, MD SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2013 Photo Center NW, Seattle, WA C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD Nepalese Academy of Fine Arts, Kathmandu, Nepal Newah Organization of American Convention in Silver Spring, MD 2012 FotoDC, Washington, D.C. Case[werks] Gallery, Baltimore, MD "Sondheim Semi-Finalists". Meyerhoff Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore MD 2011 FotoDC, Washington, D.C. "Sondheim Semi-Finalists". Meyerhoff Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore MD 2010 "Sondheim Semi-Finalists". Meyerhoff Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore MD Center For Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO BCC - Dundalk, MD
    Artist's Documents: Ben Marcin Resume  

  • Beverly McIver

  • Neil Meyerhoff

  • Raoul Middleman

  • Christopher Myers

  • Caroline Ramersdorfer

  • Leland Rice
    Detailed Description :
    Renowned San Francisco-based artist Leland Rice operates as a documentarian, translator and archeologist through his texture-rich photographs, most famously of the graffiti on the now collapsed Berlin Wall. Tied to the concerns of art history's overlapping meanings through the visage of street art and photography, Rice's rich tableau of selections call to the forefront of our imaginations the content of our most common urban surfaces: the exclamations of culture found on every wall. As a historical note, this year is the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall.
  • John Ruppert
    Detailed Description :
    Utilizing inspiration from geological forces, architectural forms and the natural landscape, artist John Ruppert melds distinctions between these influences through his large installations, video projections, photographs and sculptural objects. Ruppert's sculptures have been exhibited in a number of environments, but are at their most powerful when seen in a natural landscape - animated by light, shadow and season.
  • Annette Sauermann

  • John Van Alstine

  • Costas Varotsos


Founded in 1977
Constantine Grimaldis   Director
The C. Grimaldis Gallery has continuously operated in Baltimore since 1977. It has established itself as Baltimore’s oldest contemporary art gallery, and an important venue in the region. The gallery specializes in post WWII American and European art with an emphasis on contemporary sculpture.

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