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    • Jessica Drenk
      Biography : Jessica was raised in Montana, where she developed an appreciation for the natural world that remains an important inspiration to her artwork. In 2006, Drenk was awarded the International Sculpture Center's Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award.  Her work has been pictured in Sculpture Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, Vanity Fair, and The Financial Times of London. She has exhibited in shows at the International Grounds for Sculpture in NJ, the Albuquerque Museum, the Tucson Museum of Art and Christopher Newport University. She has shown at numerous Art Fairs and in galleries in Dallas, DC, Arizona, Hawaii and San Francisco. Drenk received an MFA from the University of Arizona in 2007 and a BA from Pomona College in 2002. Exhibition : 2014 Solo Show Adah Rose Gallery
      2014 Solo Show Paia Contemporary
      2013 Gallery Urbane
      2012 Adah Rose Gallery
      2012 “Summer Exhibition”, Paia Contemporary Gallery, Maui, Hawaii
      2012 Jessica Drenk: Aggregates; Galleri Urbane, Dallas, Texas
      2011 “Cain Schulte Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA
      2011 Jessica Drenk, Riverworks Gallery, Greenville, SC
      2010 Jessica Drenk: Materials and Balance”, Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson, AZ
      2010 “Before, During, After”, Catherine Person Gallery, Seattle, WA
      2009 Jessica Drenk: Archaeologica, Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ
      2009 “Reading Our Remains”, Smith Campus Center, Pomona College, Claremont, CA
      2008 “Compelling Matter”, Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson, AZ
      2007 Jessica Drenk, Beard Arts Center, Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN
      2007 MFA Exhibition, University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ
      2006 Jessica Drenk: The Turning World; Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson, AZ
      2006 “Imprints”, Lionel Rombach Gallery, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
      2005 “Reading Our Remains”, Commissioned site-specific public art installation, University of
      2005 Jessica Drenk, Arizona Library, Tucson, AZ
      2004 “Curious Objects: An Installation by Jessica Drenk”, Forum Gallery, Claremont, CA.
      2002 Jessica, Drenk, Thesis Exhibition, Pomona College Museum of Art, Claremont, CA
      2001 “Remnants”, POSA Gallery, Pomona College, Claremont, CA
      Detailed Description : Jessica’s work is a response to, and experimentation with, materials. Her inspiration comes from nature; she is constantly amazed by the diversity and beauty of the forms and patterns she sees. We often think of our immediate surroundings as being “man-made”, but man-made materials still behave according to the same principles as the natural world. Because nature is based on patterns and principles of organization, Jessica looks for man-made materials that might be manipulated according to similar patterns and principles. In her response to these materials—learning how they behave under different circumstances and combinations, discovering how to re-order and pattern them, intuitively pursuing new forms and pushing materials beyond how one would normally think of them—she becomes connected with the physical properties of the world. In changing books into fossilized remnants of our culture through the installations “Bibliophylum” and “Cerebral Mapping” Jessica examines how we classify the world and tells her own natural history. In the “Erosions” or “Soft Cell Tissue” sculptures, she elegantly arranges static PVC pipes to suggest ripple and wave patterns and uses toilet paper to show us the parallel cellular or micro level of nature. The PVC pipes reflect and absorb light and are dynamic and ever changing. The Soft Cell Tissue sculptures are playful and surprising. Manufactured goods appear as natural objects in Jessica’s work. Something functional becomes decorative, a simple material is made complex and the commonplace becomes unique. This is exemplified in her “Implement” series where Jessica takes the ubiquitous #2 pencil and transforms it into sculptures that reference fossils, birds or botanic materials. They are engaging, dynamic and startling. Jessica’s interests in archaeology, paleontology, biology, botany and geology influence not only the shapes and textures of her sculpture, but also lend a visual framework for
    • Brian Dupont
      Biography : Brian was born in Tacoma, Washington and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. He received his MFA in Painting from Cornell University in 2000 and his BFA in Painting from the Kansas City Art Institute. His solo exhibitions include shows at Soapbox Gallery, Scene Gallery, Olive Tjaden Hall Gallery, Adah Rose Gallery, and Kansas City Art Institute Gallery. He has also exhibited in DC and Houston. Exhibition :
      "Fragments" Adah Rose Gallery, Kensington, Maryland- November- December 2014
      "Challenging the Law" Glitch Gallery, Boston, MA, September- October 2014
      “Appropriated Texts.” Adah Rose Gallery, Kensington, Maryland – March–April 2013
      “Source Material: Paintings by Brian Dupont and Chris Rusak.” Skydive Art Space, Houston, Texas. May 17 – June 16, 2012.
      “Gravity and Array”, The Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn, New York – May 2010
      “The Remaindered Set,” The Scene Gallery, New York, New York — June 2001
      “Dietrologia,” Olive Tjaden Hall Gallery, Cornell University — March 2000
      “Brian Dupont Paintings,” Olive Tjaden Hall Gallery, Cornell University —
      September 1999
      “Paintings for Wigner’s Friend,” Kansas City Art Institute Gallery — April–May 1996
      PULSE Miami, New York, 2013, 2014
      “Brooklyn Boys Go Bowling.” Theodore Art. Brooklyn, New York — January 3–February 16, 2013
      “There’s Nothing Like Painting.” Curated by Victor Kord. 490 Atlantic. Brooklyn,New York — November 30–December 7, 2013
      “Notorious.” Theodore Art. Brooklyn, New York — June 22–August 4, 2013
      “Worth Telling.” Curated by Linda Griggs and Erik Sanner: Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center, New York City, New York — August 30–September 11, 2012
      “From Honolulu, Queens, Logan Circle, Chicago, Sierra Leone, Brooklyn, and New Jersey With Love.”Adah Rose Gallery, Kensington, MD. June 20 – July 22, 2012.
      “I Am the Judge, I Am the Jury: Rebellion & Empowerment In Contemporary Art.” Kianga Ellis Projects, Brooklyn, New York. December 28, 2011 – January 1, 2012.
      “Personal. Spaces.” Crossing Art Gallery in conjunction with Curate NYC. Flushing, New York. December 10 – 31, 2011.
      “Exhibits”, Kianga Ellis Projects, Santa Fe, NM – June – August 2011
      “Presents: Three Months of Mail Art for Hyperallergic”, Hyperallergic, New York, New York – June 2011
      Detailed Description : Brian Dupont’s text-based paintings focus on how the visual aspects of information are conveyed within the framework of abstract painting. He uses snippets of found text including President Obama’s birth certificate, Richard Serra’s verb list, tweets and writings by Samuel Beckett and Thomas Pynchon. His recent work addresses the visual possibilities inherent in language. Working in oil on metal, Brian uses techniques of high art and common signage in an attempt to further engage the viewer. His recent work experiments with painting as a three-dimensional object. By projecting the painting into the space of the viewer, but keeping the painted planes flat, he forces the viewer to reassess his relation to both the text and object. The text is distorted,reversed and repeated with odd kerning and shifts in scale, so that the act of reading is transformed into looking.
    • Alison Rash
      Biography : Alison is a Los Angeles based artist who grew up in rural Nebraska. She earned an MFA from Claremont Graduate University with a concentration in Painting in 2010. While at CGU, she was awarded the Claremont Graduate University Fellowship and the Walker/Parker Memorial Fellowship. She was also a Dedalus Foundation Fellowship Nominee and the Claremont Graduate University Art Fellow. Alison earned an MA in Education from Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology in 2005 and a BA in Art from Pepperdine University - Seaver College in 2001. Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego as well as internationally in Venice, Italy and Tokyo, Japan. Alison has shown at the Torrance Museum of Art. Exhibition : 2013 - PULSE Miami, Adah Rose Gallery
      2014 - PULSE NY, Adah Rose Gallery
      2013 - Dallas Art Fair, Adah Rose Gallery, Dallas, TX
      2013 - Next to Nothing, Coastline Art Gallery, Newport Beach, CA
      2013 - M.A.S. Attack, Los Angeles, CA
      2013 - Energy, Ecstasy, Edge, Duo Show with Chris Trueman, Adah Rose Gallery
      2012 - CoLab, Los Angeles, CA
      2012 - Subterraneans, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA
      2012 - Painting on Edge: REDUX, D.E.N. Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
      2012 - Durden and Ray: Year Two, Autonomie, Los Angeles, CA
      2012 - Painting on Edge, Autonomie, Los Angeles, CA
      2012 - 80 Days, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA
      2012 - Durden and Ray: Year Two, Autonomie, Los Angeles, CA
      2012 - Speculative Materialism II, AC Projects, Pomona, CA
      2012 - To Live and Paint in LA, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA
      2011 - Spread the Word, Mark Moore Gallery, Culver City, CA
      2011 - La Cosa Nostra – This Thing of Ours, Galerie Rheeway, Los Angeles, CA
      2011 - CoLab, LA Mart, Los Angeles, CA
      2011 - Speculative Materialism II, AC Projects, Pomona, CA
      2011 - Super Salon, FlagStop, Torrance, CA
      2011 - Re:Present, Durden and Ray, LA Mart, Los Angeles, CA
      2011 - Chain Letter, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
      2011 - Entering Abstraction, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
      2011 - Suspended Literal, Autonomie, Los Angeles, CA
      2011 - Speculative Materialism, D-Block Projects, Long Beach, CA
      2011 - Alison Wonderland, RAID Projects, Los Angeles, CA
      2011 - Spectrum, W. Keith and Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery, Cal State Polytechnic University Pomona, CA
      2011 - Year One, Commonspace LA, Los Angeles, CA
      2010 - L_ove A_lways, Gallery Lara, Tokyo, Japan
      2010 - Eight from CGU, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
      2010 - Complex Yet Approachable, Project 210, Pasadena, CA
      2010 - Merging, East and Peggy Phelps Gallery, Claremont, CA
      2010 - Alison Rash, Solo Exhibition, East Gallery, Claremont, CA
      2010 - Crashing Culver, Bonsai Projects, Culver City
      Detailed Description : Alison Rash’s recent body of paintings seeks to pare down elements to their most essential forms. She moves fluidly between intention and surrender to get at a quiet understanding of line, form and color. Using facets of her life, like an anecdote, she creates an initial system. Casual marks gain significance and interact with one another in the compositions, becoming anything but accidental. At times the small, seemingly unimportant events become the most meaningful moments.
    • Alan Steele
      Biography : Alan was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York and his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Alan traveled extensively in South America and developed a passion and an expertise as a dealer and curator in Tribal Art. Alan has lived and worked in Soho New York for many years and past shows include Kinz and Tillou, Project Grad NYC, Frank Gabriel, John Weber Gallery and Arttrax Gallery. Alan showed at PULSE NY in 2014. This is Alan’s first show with Adah Rose Gallery. Exhibition : Pulse New York 2014
      Pulse Miami 2013
      2005 Saint Peter's Church NYC
      October 7 to November 14
      2005 Project GRAD NYC,
      Works on Paper
      Curated by Michelle Tillou
      1995 Frank Gabriel NYC
      Achitectual Installation
      1994 Frank Gabriel NYC
      Architectual Installation
      1993 Frank Gabriel NYC
      Architectual Installation
      1992 Frank Gabriel NYC
      Architectual Installation
      1988 John Weber Gallery NYC
      Detailed Description : Architectural, mathematical, mechanical, the work of Alan Steele employs a variety of systems that are diverse. His pieces showcase an exacting and intellectual pursuit of ideas arising from post minimalism. Alan uses different techniques of mark-making, lettering, and drawing in piecing together his refined and exquisite works on paper. Some of the systems Alan employs include a “doorway like” image or portal, planes of color with intricate labyrinths of lines and repetition, grids using text and typography. For Alan there is no no beginning and no end but an infinite continuum. While the paintings are small in size, there is a monumentality both in their visual impact and in their concept. Alan utilizes fragmentation to deliberately create a sense of disruption and completeness in his art.
    • Chris Trueman
      Biography : Chris Trueman graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2003, earning dual BFA degrees in Painting and Digital Media. He relocated to southern California to attend Claremont Graduate University, earning a MFA in 2010. Trueman currently teaches painting at Fullerton College and Santa Ana College and has previously taught at Chapman University. He has guest lectured at Chapman University, Pomona College and Santa Ana College and was a Northrup Grumman Visiting Artist/Scholar at the Museum of Art and History Lancaster. Trueman has exhibited his work in numerous exhibitions in San Francisco, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Diego and internationally in Milan, Italy. Recently the Lancaster Museum of Art and History presented a solo exhibition of his paintings entitled "Slipstream." His work was also included in the group exhibitions, “To Live and Paint in LA” and "The Subterraneans" at the Torrance Art Museum. In 2013 his work will be exhibited at various art fairs including: Dallas Art Fair, Pulse New York, Art Aspen, Houston Fine Art Fair, Pulse Miami and Art San Diego. He is represented in Los Angeles by Edward Cella Art + Architecture, in San Diego by White Box Contemporary and in Washington DC by Adah Rose Gallery. While at CGU he was the recipient of numerous awards including the Ann Peppers Foundation Fellowship, a Claremont Graduate University Merit Fellowship and a faculty recommended Dedalus Foundation Fellowship Nomination. Trueman’s work was included in the publication New American Paintings MFA Edition #87 and the New American Paintings Pacific Coast Issue #103. Exhibition : 2014
      "Beneath the Skin", Edward Cella Art + Architecture, Los Angeles, CA, March
      Pulse New York
      Chris Trueman and Mira Schnedler, Curated by Carl Berg, Andreshire Gallery, LA, CA, August
      "Lineage", White Box Contemporary, San Diego, CA, June 22nd
      "Gestural Geometries" Chris Trueman and Joe LLoyd, Artmerge Lab, LA, CA, May 16 – August 30
      Chris Trueman and Alison Rash, “ENERGY.ECSTASY.EDGE”, Adah Rose Gallery, Kensington, MD,
      April 25 - June 16
      "Slipstream" Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA, January

      "Stripes," Salazar Contemporary Art Exhibits, La Jolla, CA, May

      “Augmentation,” White Box Contemporary, San Diego, CA, July
      “The Suspended Literal,” Autonomie Projects, Los Angeles, CA, July

      “Abstract Evolution,” White Box Contemporary, San Diego, CA, September
      “Justin Bower and Chris Trueman,” Alexander Salazar Gallery, San Diego, CA, May
      “Chris Trueman,” Peggy Phelps Gallery, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA, February
      Detailed Description : If machines could dream, their visions would look like Chris Trueman’s paintings, whose layers mingle in ways that are at once alchemical and mechanical. His bold pieces are overlaid with lines and grids that reflect back on the viewer to process the underlying gestural painting. Chris combines forces between hard-edge lines and organic fields of color that occupy his expansive, immersive canvases. Sharp edged lines propel fields of color with such urgency that the strokes are nearly vibrating. Paintings recall noir stories, architecture, sci-fi films, unbridled by the restrictions of reality. Chris earned his MFA from Claremont Graduate University in 2010, graduating with a concentration in Painting. While at CGU he was the recipient of numerous awards


    Founded in 2011
    Adah Bitterbaum   owner/director
    Adah Rose Gallery showcases contemporary art in a variety of mediums. The gallery exhibits art incorporating many modern movements with a speciality in Text Based work. Our gallery is “user friendly”. We embrace technology, books, fonts, logos, music, film, aesthetics, signage, and computers. The gallery was founded in Sept 2011 and additionally shows art in a variety of spaces in DC including law firms, pop ups and architectural spaces.
    Exhibitions rotate monthly and include duo, solo, and group shows of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and mixed media. The gallery also works with emerging artists and showcases the work of recent MFA graduates in a number of shows each year. The gallery is dynamic and is always exploring new ways of exhibiting and promoting art.

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