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    Hackett | Mill

    Hackett | Mill
    201 Post Street
    Suite 1000
    San Francisco, CA 94108
    United States
    T  415-362-3377
    F  415-362-3378

    E-mail address :
    Website : http://www.hackettmill.com

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    Founded in 1986
    Hackett | Mill presents an exhibition program of California/Bay Area Figurative Art, American Modernism and Post-War abstraction by American, European and Asian artists. Michael Hackett, co-owner and founder of the gallery twenty-eight years ago, and Francis Mill, co-owner, artist and former graduate school dean explain, “The postwar era was a time of intense artistic innovation that became the foundation of major artistic movements whose influences are still felt today." The gallery's focus also encompasses long overlooked areas such the Bay Area Figurative movement with leading figures such as Richard Diebenkorn, Elmer Bischoff and David Park. Hackett | Mill aims to reveal how the impetus to create a new language of visual expression was a globally shared concern.

    Hackett | Mill exclusively represents the Estates of David Park, Frank Lobdell and Robert Schwartz, as well as David Beck, Masatoyo Kishi, Manuel Neri, Raimonds Staprans and Brian Wall.

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