Exhibitor listing
  • Grattitude, 2013 - Peter Tunney
  • American Flag - Peter Tunney
  • Remain Calm - Peter Tunney
  • Grattitude - Peter Tunney
  • Today Is The Day - Peter Tunney
  • Don't Panic - Peter Tunney
  • Forever Young - Peter Tunney
  • LOVE - Peter Tunney
  • California Dreamin' - Peter Tunney
  • I'm Busy For The Rest Of My Life - Peter Tunney

Samuel Owen Gallery

382 Greenwich Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830
United States
T  203 422 6500
M   917 494 3895

E-mail address :
Website : http://www.samuelowen.com

Exhibitor's Artists:

  • Peter Tunney
    Biography : For three decades artist Peter Tunney has crisscrossed the globe—from the African savannah to Wall Street boardrooms, and on the other side of these countless miles he has emerged an Artist with a message, affirming GRATITUDE, THE TIME IS ALWAYS NOW, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE AMAZING! The Huffington Post calls him the most positive person on the planet, and his art certainly reflects this. Some of Tunney’s most visible works are large billboards that stand along New York interstates and highways, overlaid with messages like CITY OF DREAMS for millions to see. “Drive around New York City and the messages you’re getting are drink, go to strip clubs, and take Prozac,” says Tunney. “I just want to put up a big billboard in Midtown that says EVERYTHING IS OK. Someone has to say that.” Peter Tunney’s work is in numerous private and public collections, including a recent wall mural for the Tribeca Grand Hotel, and permanent installations at Cipriani 55, NYC; Capitale, NYC; and the W Hotel, South Beach, Miami. His work has been included in auctions at Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Phillips.
    Peter Tunney - I'm Busy For The Rest Of My Life
    I'm Busy For The Rest Of My Life
    Peter Tunney - California Dreamin'
    California Dreamin'
    Peter Tunney - LOVE
    Peter Tunney - Forever Young
    Forever Young
    Peter Tunney - Don't Panic
    Don't Panic
    Peter Tunney - Today Is The Day
    Today Is The Day
    Peter Tunney - Grattitude
    Peter Tunney - Remain Calm
    Remain Calm
    Peter Tunney - American Flag
    American Flag
    Peter Tunney - Grattitude, 2013
    Grattitude, 2013

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Melissa Barbieri

  • Mr. Brainwash

    Also represented by:
    Unix Gallery, Contessa Gallery,
    Biography : CANTSTOPGOODBOY is a self-taught Malibu based Contemporary Artist / Muralist. With a meticulous attention to detail, utilizing mixed media (vintage comics) and various other techniques, his work has not gone unnoticed. Collaborations with companies such as Sony, Warner Bros., Atlantic Records, Coachella Music Festival, Absolut Vodka, Converse and TOMS Shoes to name a few, shows you clearly CANTSTOPGOODBOY.

  • Long Bin Chen

    Also represented by:
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  • Michael De Feo

  • Eline De Jonge

  • Shepard Fairey

  • Fran Gormley

  • Marc Harrold

  • Todd Lim

  • Dale May


  • Antoine Rose
    Biography : Originally from Belgium, Antoine Rose is a self-taught photographer who started acquiring the necessary skills to capture and model the light through the lens of his camera at the age of 8 years old. Over time, he developed an ardent passion for photography, travels and the sea. He was the official photographer of the Kitesurfing World Cup for several consecutive years and has traveled around the globe, from South Africa to Istanbul, in order to capture those magic moments. Antoine is a published artist with major international brands who have commissioned his materials for worldwide advertising campaigns. In his latest series, Rose's approach to photography became more minimalist, trying to convert ordinary scenes, landscapes or objects into pieces of Art.

  • Gretchen Ryan

  • Eric Zener

    Also represented by:
    Hespe Gallery,


Founded in 2004
Lee Milazzo  
Samuel Owen Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, CT. The gallery is committed to exhibiting the work of emerging to mid-career artists, as well as a variety of strong secondary market works. Since opening in 2004, owners Lee and Cindy Milazzo continue to build a connection between New York City’s vibrant art scene and the local community.

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