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    ten472 Contemporary Art

    ten472 Contemporary Art
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    Nevada City, California 95959
    United States
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    Exhibitor's Artists:

    • Edward A. Batcheller
    • Elisabett Gudmann
      Detailed Description : Elisabett Gudmann is a Northern California based artist focused on creating works infused with color, texture, and form. She is a diverse artist with three distinct bodies of work: metal wall pieces, fabricated bronze sculpture and cast bronze sculpture. While Gudmann is most widely recognized for her metal wall pieces, she is also an accomplished sculptor, and often creates the 3-dimensional works with her partner, Kirk H. Slaughter. ​ METAL WALL PIECES: The complex and physically demanding process involves laboriously etching the metal to create detailed surface textures and imagery in relief. Unique and intricate patina colors are achieved by working with a variety of caustic chemicals, layering colors and often employing a reductive technique. Mostly conceptual in nature, her imagery evolves through layered complexity and evokes references to natural and man-made environments. Influences of abstract expressionism infuse her work, striking a balance between the abstract and the recognizable. A true alchemist, Gudmann has spent many years developing the proprietary formulas to create her unique patinas. The chemical patinas have the aged translucent and earthy feeling of something that has been worn down over time, yet are meticulously beautiful. Multiple panel installations and varying panel depths are often used, giving the works additional sculptural dimensionality. While balancing somewhere between painting and sculpture, Gudmann's inventive use of materials and combination of improvisation and control of the patina process continues to broaden the definition of contemporary "painting". ​ BRONZE SCULPTURE: Made in collaboration with Kirk H. Slaughter The uniquely fabricated bronze abstractions in the Architectural Series relate directly to the metal wall pieces and address the interchange between positive and negative space with grace, elegance and balance. The constructions transcend the starker aesthetics of minimalism by combining a clea
    • Gale Hart
      Detailed Description : A childhood fascination with creating objects out of nuts, bolts, scrap metal and wood evolved into an intensely energetic creative drive. From monumental canvases to metal sculpture, Hart's repertoire of visual images grabs, engages and speaks volumes about universal humanity. A narration characterized by humor, angst and sarcasm presents itself through a constantly evolving cast of characters. Reminiscent of a candid snapshot, Hart captures an attitude at a particular place and point in time. The paintings initiate a visceral discourse with the viewer; the figures are painted as silhouettes that by themselves would not be all that unsettling were it not for the fact that Hart fills the interior space of each silhouette with lines, scrapings, textures, forms and washes that together reference a variety of art-historical and graphic design styles without quoting any of them directly. Hart's sculpture parallels her paintings with the visual language remaining constant: narrative composition, ordered geometry and color choices. Regarding her recent series of gun sculptures, Hart states: "I think the idea that weapons are needed to keep the peace is a disturbing concept. I wanted to explore this controversial topic in depth, so I decided to take a shot at participating in the gun culture while trying to remain receptive and detached. I began by attending a gun show and later arranged an opportunity to shoot a variety of firearms. Having a weapon in my hand I feel I finally got what "gun control" really is. I marveled at the seemingly "automatic" power I had while being armed and how easily I could have controlled the fate of another. While I understood the capability I had to keep the peace I felt I also held the potential to simultaneously destroy it. The gun show I attended was a place where touching, holding and caressing is encouraged. This is where I witnessed gun lust first hand. My conclusion, there are no machines in the world that are so varied,
    • Grant irish
    • Gino Miles
      Detailed Description : The sculpture of Gino Miles combines, in a contemporary context, his love and energy for both objects found in nature and classical sculpture. The balance of a piece in relationship to its spatial position is a critical component of his work, often creating a tension between space and sculpture. Primarily working with fabricated bronze and stainless steel, each piece is unique unto itself; no two are identical. ​ His recent series of knot sculptures were inspired by observing how different plants - mainly morning glories, peas and sweet peas - tied themselves into knots and tangles enabling them to climb. While his first experiments with the knot form were stylized images from cut vine fragments (giving the impression of figures twisting in anxiety) his new focus on the knot have a bold abstract quality. They are deliberations in space and form and intertwining elements; statements in their own right rather than emulating movement found in nature. ​ Miles currently lives and works in Santa Fe, NM. He earned his MA from the University of Northern Colorado and conducted additional studies at the Universita per i Stranierie, Perugia, Italy, and the Accademia di Belle Arti, Firenze, Italy. ​ His large scale works are prominently featured in many permanent and private collections throughout the world, including the Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas (2013), Evansville Museum, Disney Corporate Headquarters, the cities of Cerritos and Napa, CA, the City of Edmond, OK, and Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY, among others.
    • Kirk H. Slaughter
      Detailed Description : A multi-faceted artist, Slaughter is best known for his bronze sculpture. From an early age, he had a compelling desire to share his perspective and sensitive insight through sculpture. Ranging in scale from intimate sized to large public works, his sculptures are included in private and public collections around the world. Slaughter's aesthetic combines elements of classical sculpture with his modern approach and can be divided into into two distinct groups: Abstractions and The Relic Series. ​​ Abstractions: Made in collaboration with Elisabett Gudmann The uniquely fabricated bronze sculptures in this series address the interchange between positive and negative space with grace, elegance and balance. Slaughter and Gudmann's constructions transcend the starker aesthetics of minimalism by combining a clean architectural context with sensual sophistication. Through a delicate balance of form and content, the clean lines and smooth surfaces reflect a masculine strength while at the same time maintaining a feminine sensuality.  The Relic Series: Made in collaboration with Elisabett Gudmann The mostly figurative and equine themed pieces evoke the primitive and timeless with their broken and aged surfaces, patina finishes and abstracted forms. The sculptures are distinguished by their exaggerated features, rough textural surfaces, and wrapped effects. Coupled with unique patinas, these sculptures take on masterful strength and balletic elegance. The contrasting textures and wrapped details are reminiscent of ancient artifacts that have an apparent history but encourage the viewer to fill in the details. ​​ Currently a California resident, Slaughter conducted formal studies at the Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, IN, and the University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. Additionally, he spent a few years working as an apprentice and artisan with artists such as Allan Houser, Paul Jenkins and others. This direct experience helped to formulate his k

    Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

    • T. Gall
      Detailed Description :
      Theodore Gall has been working with metal since his early days as an artist. His compelling sculptures are most often placed in thought provoking situations, presenting familiar images in unexpected combinations and contexts. ​ His apt insight into the human condition and wry observations of political trends are at the core of his creativity. Gall's works are inventively interactive with components that allow the figure to change stance or suggest motion. Additionally, his series of bronze heads are uniquely articulated with layers that literally open to reveal new elements and insights, and expand on the theme of the piece. The sculptures encourage peeling back layers to reveal hidden truths, hypocrisies, and primal instincts. Through masks or hinged layers his work explores humanity's multiple personas and evolutionary opportunities. ​ Theodore Gall studied at both the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art, and has served as a consultant to the Art Institute as well as the Illinois Arts Council. His work is included in many notable public and private collections, including President Jimmy Carter, Walt Disney Corporation, McDonald's Corporation, The IL State Museum, and Standard Oil, among others. He lives and works in Southern California.


    Contemporary art with an emphasis on sculpture
    Kaetlin Jensvold  

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