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    Toomey Tourell Fine Art

    San Francisco, CA
    United States

    E-mail address :
    Website : http://www.toomey-tourell.com

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    Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

    • Robert Donald

    • Andy Moses

    • Maria Park

    • Mark Paron

    • Allison Paschke

    • Edmund Wyss


    Founded in 1997
    Todd Bennett  
    Toomey Tourell Fine Art is a venue for established and emerging artists whose work exemplifies the innovation of contemporary art while advancing the standards of its quality. Though based in SF, the artists represented are a heterogeneous mix, hailing from all parts of the globe and embracing a variety of disciplines.

    Through its exhibitions, the gallery intends to pursue the discussion of what is relevant to the art process today, to encourage the development of artists, and to foster the myriad techniques and concepts that identify the contemporary art market.

    The shifting style and tone of our shows defies easy categorization, but our shared priorities of artistic investigation and quality mark our exhibitions as a whole. The gallery is celebrating seventeen years in its current location, and is owned by Nancy Toomey.

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