Exhibitor listing
  • The slender song - Yu Lim Song
  • Stone1333 - Chanoo Park
  • Sea - Jun Kun Choi
  • Karma - Young Wook Choi
  • Karma - Jun Kun Choi

JJ Joong Jung Gallery

315 Nature Poem 461, Apkujeong-ro
135-955 Seoul
T  +82 2 549 0207
M   +82 10 4234 0207

E-mail address :
Website : http://www.jjjoongjung.com

Exhibitor's Artists:

  • Jun Kun Choi
    Biography : 1963 Birth 2001 M.F.A Hong Ik University Seoul Korea 1991 B.F.A Hong Ik University Seoul Korea Exhibition : Solo exhibition
    2014 JJ Joong Jung gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2011 JJ Joong Jung gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2009 Weibang gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2001 Deokweon gallery, Seoul, Korea
    1996 Samjoung art space, Seoul, Korea
    1995 Namu gallery, Seoul, Korea

    Group exhibition
    2014 Project-appreciate, JJ Joong Jung gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2014 Expressive Texture, JJ Joong Jung gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2013 Seek, JJ JoongJung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2012 Friends - Trough the Years, JJ Joong Jung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2012 Korean Zone – Mind shadowing into Things. Beijing,China
    2012 Rau Gallery invitational exhibition, Rau Gallery
    2012 Apheta Gallery open exhibition, Apheta Gallery
    2011 adagio non molto, EON Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2011 Muan Seungwoo Oh Museum of Art, Muan, Korea
    2011 Stone. Water. Moon, JJ Joong Jung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2011 Korea, Japan contemporary art exhibition, Seoul, Korea
    2011 April..., gallery sup, Seoul, Korea
    2011 art of life, gaga gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2010 Korea, Japan contemporary art exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
    2010 Will bite the deep water, Interalia Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2009 Korea, Japan contemporary art exhibition, KEPCO art center gallery, Seoul
    2008 Korea, Japan contemporary art exhibition, 1010 gallery, Tokyo, Japan
    2007 The exhibition of Gangnam art association, Posco gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2006 The exhibition of Gangnam art association, Gain gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2001 Joongang fine art competition, Hoam gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2000 sex-par, Johung gallery, Seoul, Korea
    1999 cod-new image contemporary, Hongik University museum, Seoul, Korea
    1997 Prospect and Leap, Eeunha gallery, Seoul, Korea
    1996 Emotion of the Korea contemporary, Seokyung gallery, Seoul, Korea
    The grand art exhibition of Korea, The national museum of contemporary art, Gwacheon, Korea
    1994 Korea contemporary painting 3 artist exhibition, Madampola gallery, Seoul, Korea
    1993 Meeting of May exhibition, Sonamoo gallery, Seoul, Korea
    1992 Emotion new genera
    Detailed Description : Choi's landscape consists of many frames, or it is one whole single frame. The frames compose a frame of the coast of Jeju Island. Nonetheless, the landscape does not necessarily claim to be the coast of Jeju Island. It can be the landscape of the inner of the painter - the inner landscape. But, is it so? It does not matter though because it can also be a landscape of whom sees the frame - a viewer's landscape. The landscape is from nobody and at the same time from everybody. The black rocks are painted using Chinese ink. Choi use small brushes for his painting. Painted once, twice, and over and over, layers of brush paths reveal rocks. His painting process is the instructions let the rocks to find their positions. The instructed rocks stand still. What compose a frame are the white background and the black hard rocks. Choi's painting erases the presence of objects at the same time allows them to exist. In this contradiction, the rocks have lost their rock-ness rather claiming black-ness. The background, in the same way, claims not to be the sky or the sea, but only the white color. And then the black-ness becomes a rock and the white becomes the background. His painting is positioned in between the two achromatic colors. In contrast to his paintings in the past, these paintings exhibit more succinctness and more simplicity. This simplicity is the consequence of the power of elapsed time and the power of himself.
    Jun Kun Choi - Karma
    Jun Kun Choi - Sea
  • Young Wook Choi
    Biography : 1964 Born in Seoul, Korea 1991 B.F.A, Hong Ik University 2000 M.F.A, Hong Ik University Exhibition : Solo Exhibition
    2013 24th Solo Exhibition (Soul Art Space, Busan, Korea)
    23rd Solo Exhibition (Gallery a-cube, Tokyo, Japan)
    2012 22th Solo Exhibition (Art issue projects. Taipei City, Taiwan)
    21th Solo Exhibition (Seojoungwook Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
    2012 20th Solo Exhibition (Sun Contemporary, Seoul, Korea)
    19th Solo Exhibition (Lotte Gallery, Busan, Korea)
    2011 18th Solo Exhibition (Mugaksa, Gwangju, Korea)
    17th Solo Exhibition (IAAF World Championships 2011 VIP room, Daegu, Korea)
    16th Solo Exhibition (Jun Gallery, Daegu, Korea)
    15th Solo Exhibition (Versace aki, Seoul, Korea)
    14th Solo Exhibition (Gaga Gallery, Seoul. Korea)
    2010 13th Solo Exhibition (Yegam Gallery, New York, USA)
    12th Solo Exhibition (Gaga Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
    11th Solo Exhibition (Gong Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
    2009 10th Solo Exhibition (ArtGate Gallery, New York, USA)
    2007 9th Solo Exhibition (Woori Bank Kang Nam Gallery, Soop Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
    8th Solo Exhibition (ANNEX Convention Center, Fukuoka, Japan)
    2006 7th Solo Exhibition (ONO Gallery, Tokyo, Japan)
    2004 6th Solo Exhibition (Seoul Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
    2003 5th Solo Exhibition (Noam Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
    2000 4th Solo Exhibition (Hong Ik University museum, Seoul, Korea)
    3rd Solo Exhibition (Alternative Space, Seoul, Korea)
    1996 2nd Solo Exhibition (Kim Nae Hyun Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
    1992 1st Solo Exhibition (Gain Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

    Group Exhibition
    2014 ‘Cultural Code’ (Springs Center of Art, Beijing, China)
    ‘K-P.O.P – Process, Otherness, Play’ (Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan)
    2013 ‘The Sounds of Korea’ (Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China, Beijing, China)
    ‘Correspondence’ (BRIDGE GALLERY, Seoul, Korea)
    ‘RED GATE’ (Gallery Hogam, Seoul, Korea)
    ‘A SCENE FROM A MEMORY’ (odetoart, Singapore)
    ‘The Beauty Of Stillness
    Young Wook Choi - Karma
  • Chanoo Park
    Biography : 1963 Born in Daegu 1991 Diploma. Seoul Institute of the Arts Exhibition : Solo exhibition
    2013 Stone, JJ Joong Jung gallery, Seoul, Korea

    Group exhibition
    2014 The New Way to Look : Contemporary Lyrical Korean art, The American club, Singapore

    Art Fair
    2014 Seoul Open Art Fair, COEX, Seoul, Korea
    2014 Seoul Living Design Fair, COEX, Seoul, Korea
    2013 G Seoul, Grand Hilton Seoul, Korea
    Seoul Living Design Fair, COEX, Seoul, Korea
    Art Miami Context, Miami, USA

    Damian Gallery, Bundang, Korea
    Biederman Museum, Germany
    SUNHYUK, Korea
    Grand plastic surgery center, Korea
    Sung-ji Company, Korea
    Detailed Description : Photograph work for Magazine [Home filled with happiness] [Luxury] [Style H] [Architect] [Interior Designer] Photograph work for Company [Fursys] [Shilla Hotel] [Hyundai Card] Collection Damian Gallery, Bundang, Korea
    Chanoo Park - Stone1333
  • Jin Kyu Park
    Biography : Korea National University of Arts Exhibition : Solo exhibition
    2012 Gallery Soop Group Exhibitions

    Art Fair
    2014 SOAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea
    Design Living Fair, COEX, Seoul, Korea

    2010 Theater, Sheba Chiba, Stage design
    2009 Theater, What we want, Stage design
    2008 Theater, The next day after breaking up, Stage design

  • Yu Lim Song
    Biography : 2008 Kingston University (in London, UK) MA art & space 2006 Hong-ik University (in Seoul, South Korea) BFA Painting Exhibition : Solo Exhibition
    2012 Gallery Jinsun Window 83, ’the isolated scenes’, Gallery Jinsun, Seoul, Korea
    2010 Words of memory, Shinhan Gallery_2010 Shinihan Young Artist Festa, Seoul, Korea
    The slender song, Gallery B’one, Seoul, Korea

    Selected Group Exhibition
    2012 Project 72-1:school as laboratory, Honk-ik Elementary School, Seoul, Korea
    Untold stories by Tea for three, Ram studios, Milan, Italy
    Reflection of my life, Art Company GIG, Seoul, Korea
    Distancing, Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea
    Studi Aperti 2012 by Asilo Bianco, Museum Tornielli, Ameno, Italy
    Project Hansunjung, Sunset JangHang Festival/The art factory project, Janghang, Korea
    The figure of softness, JJ Joongjung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    Project Hansunjung, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
    2011 White Block Now / The veiled thing, Gallery White Block, Paju, Korea
    Far East, Zonca & Zonca, Milan, Italy
    The simple life, Kring, Seoul, Korea
    The Last Letter From HUYNH MAI – A Fiction For Korean Of Multicultural Society,
    KT&G Sangsang Madang, Seoul, Korea
    2010 I.Drawing,’Breathing House Project’, Kimi Art, Seoul, Korea
    2009 Bridge Project_project.4, Chang Art, Beijing, China
    'You are so precious', Grimson Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    ASYAAF, Seoul, Korea
    Stitches_Stitched, Space 15th, Seoul, Korea
    2008 Homo Ludens Festival, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland
    4482, Bargehouse, London, UK
    Dude, wake up! Seriously, wake the f*ck up!, Bargehouse, London, UK

    Residency & Awards
    2011 Kumho Art Studio (6th Artist)
    2011 Young Artist Critic Workshop, Art Center Arko

    Art Fair
    2014 Design Living Fair, COEX, Seoul, Korea
    2013 Cheongdam Art Fair (Korea, Seoul)
    G-SEOUL (Korea, Seoul)
    FLAT Fair (Korea, Seoul)
    Seoul Design Living Fair (Korea, Seoul)
    2012 Doors Art Fair (Korea, Seoul)
    Cheongdam Art Fair (Korea, Seoul)
    SOAF (Korea, Seoul)
    2011 Doors Art Fair (Korea, Seoul
    Yu Lim Song - The slender song
    The slender song


Founded in 2011
Jin Yi Jung  
JJ Joong Jung gallery
Located in the culture heart of Seoul. Chungdam-dong, JJ Joong Jung gallery has been committed to establish its own color of uniqueness and have also considered this point when selecting our artists. By participating in numerous exhibitions and art fairs, many art lovers have been showing interest and expectation towards our gallery and we continue to contribute this work of art to a better living space and an enhanced quality of life. JJ Joong Jung Gallery commits to widen the cultural horizons by actively participating art in social life and to upsurge as a leading complex cultural space of Chungdam-dong.

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