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  • Life Everlasting Blue - John Waguespack

The McLoughlin Gallery

Joan McLoughlin
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San Francisco, CA 94108
United States
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Exhibitor's Artists:

  • Ah-Young Jeon
  • Jerome Lucani

    Also exhibited by: Unix Gallery,
  • Christopher H. Martin
    Exhibition : 2012   The McLoughlin Gallery | Viscosity | San Francisco, CA
    2012   Laura Rathe Fine Art | Houston, TX
    2012   KM Fine Arts | Flow | Chicago, IL 
    2011   CHM Gallery | ‘Awaken’ | Dallas, TX | West Hollywood, CA | Aspen, CO
    2009   Laura Rathe Fine Art  | Fluid Dynamics | Houston, TX
    2008   Alan Avery Art | Atlanta, GA
    2008   Phillip Morton Gallery | Rehoboth Beach, DE
    2007   Chemers Gallery | Anaheim, CA
    2007   Tamera Reigel | Las Vegas, NV
    2006   Cerrito Fine Art | Oakland, CA
    2005   Kodner Art Gallery | Spectrum| Saint Louis, MO
    2004   Simmons Gallery | Liquid| San Francisco, CA
    2003   CHM Gallery | Astral Showers | TX
    2002   Milan Gallery | Fort Worth, TX
    2002   Beekman Gallery | New York, NY
    2001   Kodner Gallery | Saint Louis, MO
    2000   Ken Elias Fine Art | Palm Beach, FL
    2000   CHM Gallery | Fauna | Dallas, TX
    1997   Hooshang Gallery | Santa Fe, NM
    1997   Florence Art Gallery | Dallas, TX
    1997   Milan Gallery | Fort Worth, TX
    1996   Southwest Art Gallery | Dallas, TX
    1994   Palazetti | Dallas, TX
    1994   Front Room Gallery | Dallas, TX
    1993   Emporium Fine Arts | Dallas, TX
    Selected Group Exhibitions
    2012   Anderson Ranch Arts Center | Snowmass, CO
    2012   Art Palm Beach | Palm Beach, FL
    2012   State of the Arts Gallery | Sarasota, FL
    2011   SOFA Chicago
    2010   Martin & Lozano Spring Show “64”| West Hollywood, CA
    2007   Kodner Gallery | Mosaic | Saint Louis, MO
    2005   Art Works Fellowship Holland Hall | Tulsa, OK
    2001   Gallery Soho | Palm Desert, CA
    2001   Michael Levy Gallery | Long Beach, CA
    2001   Austin Modern Art Gallery | Austin, TX
    1995   The MAC | Dallas, TX
    Corporate Collections 
    Adera Inc. - Stockholm, Sweden
    American Financial International - Houston, TX
    Ameri-First Securities - Dallas, TX
    Anheuser Busch - St. Louis, MO
    Arcturus Corporation - Dallas - New York
    Art Source, Inc. - Chicago, IL
    Blake Agency, Inc. - Chicago, IL
    Detailed Description : Artist Statement: I was drawn to glass 20 years ago ~ it offered a unique clarity that allowed me to express a vision of abstraction that I had not experienced.  In reverse glass painting, the initial interaction of the painter, paints, and surface are of utmost importance to the success of the piece.  Beginning with the foreground, and working backward, by coaxing layer upon layer of sheer pigment and water to mimic the effects of heat, wind and water, very limited corrections are afforded during this process.  Every layer of paint has a high influence on the one behind it; culminating in around thirty sheer layers that fuse together to create each piece.    When you observe wood grain, the veining of a marble slab, alternating colors in petrified wood, dunes, rivers, mountains, deserts, cellular formations, they are all inherently poetic and attuned to the laws of abstraction. We are surrounded by these natural masterpieces.   If you are drawn to what you see in my work, and the details reveal an orchestration of color that feels as natural as gazing into a forest canopy, then my efforts are a success.  I hope that my work leaves those who experience it energized and inspired.   
  • David Middlebrook
  • Tiffany Trenda
    Also represented by: LICHT FELD Gallery,
  • Cristobal Valecillos
  • John Waguespack
    John Waguespack - Life Everlasting Blue
    Life Everlasting Blue

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Guillermo Bert

  • Hal Buckner

  • Cosimo Cavallaro
    Biography : Cosimo Cavallaro was born in Montreal in 1961. The son of Italian immigrants, Cavallaro was raised both in Canada and Italy. He attended art schools in each country respectively including the United States before setting up shop as a sculptor in Montreal in the early 1980's. Cavallaro eventually fell into film direction when a friend asked him to help out on a movie set. Within days he was assisting with art design. Soon he was a full time production designer working first on features and then on commercials. Directing became the natural progression. As a director Cavallaro has won numerous awards including the Director of the Year Award in Canada and the 1990 Canadian Film Festival Award for Best Video of the Year. Although film and video monopolized the majority of Cavallaro's time in the 1980's and early 1990's, his art remained evident in all of his work and foremost in his mind. In 1995 he moved to New York where he began focusing more of his time on creating art. His work speaks to a variety of audiences and expresses (in his own words) "the struggle between need and desire; the known and unknown; the warm security of the womb and the chill uncertainty of the world." Cavallaro's mediums range from photography (Nudes), to large steel sculptures (Knot). His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world. Cavallaro has recently been working with new mediums including cheese (Room 114, Twiggy in Cheese, and Cheese House Wyoming), candy (Candy Chair), and rubber (Inflatable Piano).His cheese installations have attracted features in hundreds of media outlets throughout the world including the New York Times, Contemporary Visual Arts Magazine, CNN, Global Japan Television, People Magazine, BBC, Harpers, the Associated Press, CBC and the Fox News Channel. Exhibition : Selected Exhibitions 2013 "Voluminosity", NYE + Brown Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2009 "I was here", Orange Expression Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec Canada 2008 "Chocolate Jesus and Chocolate Saints", The Proposition Gallery, New York NY 2004 "Absoulute Pressed Ham", Lab Gallery, New York NY 2003 "Burning Piano", Ingrid Raab Gallery, Berlin Germany "Burning Piano", College of Arts and Sciences, Fort Myers FL 2002 "Cheese Jacket, Marshmallow Jacket", Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, New York NY "Burning Piano", South Shore Art Center, Cohasset MA "Burning Piano", Toronto Ontario 2001 "House in Cheese", Cheese House Wyoming, Powell WY 2000 "Bicycle Seats", Cedarhurst Sculpture Museum, Mt. Vernon IL 1999 "Twiggy in Cheese", Downtown Arts Festival, New York NY "Room 114", Washington Jefferson Hotel, New York NY 1998 "PIllows", Nese & Alpan Gallery, Rosyln NY "Knot", Cedarhurst Sculpture Museum, Mt. Vernon, IL "Nudes", Stevens George Gallery, Hammond IN "Knot", Chicago Children's Museum, Chicago IL "Nudes", Moo Boo Gallery, Berkeley CA "Knot", Pier Walk, Chicago IL "Kiddie Ride", Armory Art Center, Palm Beach FL "Pillows", Wood Street Gallery, Chicago IL "Knot", De Corvada Museum and Sculpture Park, Boston MA "Pillows", Krasel Art Center, Chicago IL "Kiddie Ride", Center for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles CA 1997 "Birth, Pillows and Railings", Real Art Ways Contemporary Art Space, Hartford CT 1996 "Birth and Pillows", SoHo Arts Festival, New York NY Detailed Description :
    Love Your Bean Project
  • Renaud Delorme

  • Jeff Muhs
  • Joel Perlman

  • Doug Thielscher

  • MoE


Contemporary Art, Contemporary Paintings & Sculptures, Conceptual Art, Abstract Sculpture, Textile Arts, Performance Art, Contemporary Photography, Reverse Glass Acrylic Paintings, Mixed Media Art
Founded in 2010
Antonio Cortez   Sales Director
The McLoughlin Gallery from San Francisco is an approachable, inviting gallery with a social conscience. The mission of the gallery is to educate and intrigue by showcasing established mid-career and emerging contemporary artists whose work is unique, integrating bright, bold colors and conveying an emotional punch. Art work that makes you think.

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